The Java Framework for
creators, makers & developers

Severell is a web application framework designed to make developing web apps in Java fun and easy. We have built a great starting point for you to just dive straight into developing your application.

Fast Full-Stack Java Framework

Severell has compile-time dependency injection and doesn't use reflection at runtime, speeding up your applications and reducing memory footprint.

  • Compile-Time Dependency Injection

    Severell doesn't use reflection for dependency injection. This results in a faster application and a lower memory usage.

  • Command Line Tool

    Comes with a developer friendly command line tool to help scaffold and develop your application.

  • Efficient Templating Engine

    Severell uses the Mustache templating engine to handle html templates

  • Developer Friendly

    Loads of build in functionality to enable you to build your application quickly without having to worry about the rest.

 * Compile-Time Dependency Injection - If you need just
 * add it to your controller function parameters
public class PostController {

    public void index(Request request, Response response) {
        response.render("post.mustache", new HashMap<>());


Try it out today

Severell is fast and easy to install so you can go from idea to creation quickly.